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When I started down the road of creating high protein foods, my aim was to develop a range of products that fall into two categories. Foods that that you would tend to avoid and those that I believe are essential to your fitness programmes. I call these our "Added Protein" and "Essentials" ranges.

We’ve come a long way since we first launched our high protein bread back in 2013 and turning my vision into reality would have been impossible without the help and dedication of my trusty team.

Here’s a little bit about the guys who work behind the scenes here at Dr Zak’s HQ.    

Meet Dr Zak - The Man Behind The Brand

Dr Zak Pallikaros – BSc, MSc, PhD

Product Development

OK this is me, so I will let somebody else write this bit…

Dr Zak has dedicated his life to fitness and muscle-building. He studied Medicinal Chemistry, Bio Technology and Bio Chemistry at City University (London), then went on to obtain a Doctorate degree from the Royal Free Medical School.
His record in this sector speaks for itself with a string of international bodybuilding awards that include:

  • 4 times UKBFF Mr London and South East Champion
  • 2 times NABBA Mr London Champion
  • 4 times IFBB Mr Cyprus Grand Prix Heavyweight and Overall Champion
  • UKBFF British Masters Champion
  • 3 times Jay Cutler Classic Las Vegas Heavyweight and Masters Champion

Dr Zak owns his own gym in North London where he both trains and educates his members in the art of bodybuilding and has been integral to the development of the Dr Zak’s range.

Interests: Bodybuilding and Coaching new potentials.

Ray Brilus

Ray Brilus

Managing Director

Ray bring with him a wealth of experience in both international sourcing and the food industry. Having setup and run his own China based sourcing business in 2002 and then a food ingredient business in 2008 called Global Foods UK, Ray left his role as managing director of Global Foods to come and grow this exciting new company.

His drive and ambition are infectious and will see Dr Zak’s become a household name.

Interests: General fitness and building successful businesses

Fact: He did not eat peanut butter before he joined Dr Zak's

Phil Evans

Phil Evans

National Sales Manager

Phil truly lives and breathes the fitness and nutrition industry and has a plethora of experience within various aspects of it. Phil completed his MSc in Sports & Exercise Nutrition from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2012 giving him a fantastic depth of knowledge in the field of nutrition. While studying he worked as a personal trainer with a national gym chain and also as the academy nutritionist for Leeds United FC. Since then Phil has worked as a sales representative and nutritional educator for one of UK’s leading sports nutrition companies. Being a great fan of the products since before joining, Phil has made it his mission to ensure everyone gets to taste the Dr Zak’s range.

Interests: Cooking (and eating of course), nutrition, football and power lifting (south east champ 2017)

FACT: He confesses to have a borderline unhealthy obsession with peanut butter!

Darren Legore

Darren Legore

Technical Manager

Darren is head of logistics. He's eternally youthful, old enough to have owned a cassette tape but young enough to be completely thrown by a fax machine. He is our very own tech genius who runs our website, manages stocks levels and takes orders from our retailers.

Interests:photography, problem solving and watching his football team win. Give him a bit of space if they lose!

FACT: His daily to-do list is as big as Zak's biceps!

Mustapha Aknouche

Mustapha Aknouche

Founding Partner

Mustapha has been with team Dr Zak’s since its inception and plays a pivotal role in almost every aspect of the business. You will often find him manning our show stands and explaining why our products taste so good. Mus used to be a chef so keeps one critical eye on everything we make and being a black belt 4th DAN in Karate, we listen.

Interests: Cooking fine foods, football and karate

FACT: Mus was once mistaken for Dr Zak

Jake Heath

Jake Heath

Admin Support & Events

Jake has recently joined the team and with his background in events organisation, performance and people management, we can always guarantee that our trade shows are a hit. When Jake is not working at Dr Zak’s you can find him around London hosting and performing at some of London’s top venues, he incorporates this experience into our trade shows and loves to perform live music at them.

Interests: Music and Extreme Sports

FACT: Fell down a mountain dressed as a penguin

Denise Chester

Denise Chester – BSc, mBANT, FdSc, Cert PT

Product Development

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, there are fewer better qualified than Denise Chester. Denise qualified from the school of Optimum Nutrition in London with a diploma and foundation degree in 2006. With a keen interest in sports nutrition, Denise proceeded to complete her YMCA gym instructor’s course and then went on to qualify as a personal trainer.

Having worked on such shows as BBC 1's City Hospital and numerous radio phone ins, her expertise in the field of sports and nutrition is keenly sought after and we are extremely proud of her involvement in our high protein products.

Interests: Women’s fitness, health, nutrition www.bodyconpt.co.uk

Tim Chase

Tim Chase

Brand Ambassador

Tim is a qualified personal trainer, fitness model and manager of Go-Gym Sutton. He is a WBFF and MP Pro Fitness Model and has judged several physique competitions including Pure Elite, Miami Pro and the BodyPower Model Search. Tim also brings with him a wealth of nutritional and body building knowledge and has also appeared in numerous fitness magazines including; Men's Fitness, Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness, Train, Flex and Healthy for Men.

Interests: Training people for body transformations, man vs food and coffee coffee coffee.

FACT: Tim can eat a tub of Dr Zak’s PB in 4min 45 seconds

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