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High Protein Bagels

Cally Rowell

Watford Ladies Football Club

"Having tried the protein bread previously, I was keen to give the bagels a try. I purchased them from MuscleFood when they were released on the site and I couldn't be more satisfied with them. Very filling and tasty with a load of protein and reduced carbohydrate. I tend to use them as fuel before a weights session or post-workout to refuel.

Couldn't recommend them highly enough, along with the bread :)"

No reviews yet...
No reviews yet...

At last !!!

by Jonno

"I have been waiting for these for months. Dr Zak's have been teasing us with these for ages and now they are finally here.
Oh and they taste amazing. I actually prefer the taste of their bagel compared to my usual wholemeal. Tastes much more natural, which i like, and no bloating.
When is the cinnamon and raisin coming?"


by IlaH

"These taste great toasted!! Will definitely be ordering some more..."

Good taste bad texture.

by Michael

"Not to bad just bit dry and dense. probably to be expected with the high protein."

tasty and affordable

by simon

"wanted to try these for ages! had one with some muscle food sliced Pastrami for lunch tasted great and toasted really well would def buy again. £3 well spent"


by Gymbunny90

"Perfect at breakfast time with nuts 'n more almond butter!! These bagels are great and are going to be forever on my shopping list now!

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