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Running Fitness

High Protein Bread

Dai Greene

European champion hurdler and a former world record holder

"The bread is such an easy way to get extra protein into my body and help me with my recovery for the following days training. It's the perfect snack to have around training and competition alike"

Holly Bleasdale


"I'm so lucky to have access to Dr Zaks protein bread. I have it every morning without fail and can't travel abroad without it. Wherever I'm competing I make sure I've got enough with me. It's a perfect way to gets lots of protein without too much carbohydrate, and it tastes amazing."

Ricky Boylan

Ricky Boylan

Undefeated light welterweight boxer

"Bread is normally the enemy in a boxers diet but not Dr. Zak's bread."

Tom Varndell

Tom Varndell

Rugby player for London Wasps

"I love Dr Zaks products, especially the high protein bread. It allows me to include bread into my weekly nutritional plan, each loaf contains 214 grams of protein which is about 30 grams per slice, an unbelievable amount when talking about bread. A great addition when trying to increase lean muscle mass and aid recovery from the high physical demands of my sport."

Men's Health

Men's Health

Which Edition?

"This loaf hits the mark where plenty of other protein supplements fall down."

Mail Online

Mail Online

30 July 2013

"Left us feeling full and satisfied after just one slice."

Triathlete Europe

Triathlete Europe

November 2014

"Tastes great toasted"

Running Fitness Magazine

October 2014

"Perfect post-run recovery food"

Gay Times

Gay Times

October 2014

"Beans on toast will never be the same again!"

Body Building Giant

"The nutrition in this bread is amazing!"

Protein Supermarket.com

"highly recommended on the taste side, and nutritionally, throw some tuna or chicken in the sandwich and you're looking at a very high protein meal with fairly low carbohydrates, which is a win-win in my book."

Outside Beauty Inside Health

"They have developed the pasta to give you all the energy and nutrients you need but without the massive carb overload you normally get."


"it's spot on. In fact I actually prefer it to normal pasta, it's filling, yet you're not left feeling bloated after."

Tea In a tub


"My whole family loved it so I actually had to hide it! It's great toasted and smothered with hummous. Mmm"

The Vegetarian Experience


"I must admit that I was a little apprehensive to try this bread, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted it and I think I am a convert!"



"This product, whilst aimed at people who exercise, is perfect if you are watching your weight. The slices really do fill you up for longer stopping any snacking or hunger cravings throughout the morning. What’s not to love?"


"We were expecting that ‘protein taste’ you get in a protein bar, however we were stunned and our eyes opened widely to how good the texture and taste was."


"This is a well-developed and refined product. Dr Zaks have filled the “naughty bread” guilt we all had previously, allowing all to enjoy bread but without the guilt"

Lee Gregory


"Not everyone wants to get into 'compeition ready' shape, some people simply want to lose a few founds but not be ripped, so bread will either be a part of your diet or not. If it is going to be a part of your diet, make sure it's Dr Zak's, because it's raised the bar in terms of bread."


by Zahir

"This tastes identical, if not tastier, than "conventional" wholemeal bread. It's great. As for the price, given the protein content per loaf, it probably works out cheaper than many other supplements out there."

Amazing but use sparingly

by Dan

"This is my favourite find on the site... the taste is good, having bread is good and the protein is great... all in all I am super happy with this product.”

Great with soup

by Lewis

"This bread goes great with soup, surprisingly thicker than normal bread and not too heavy on your like other bread. Good stuff..."

Perfect Balance

by LDL

"Has a brilliant balance of protein, carbs and fat and tastes really good."

I can't believe this isn't normal bread

by Jonathan

"Had my first slice earlier - I was expecting either stodgy or chewy but got neither. It's virtually the same as a standard decent quality wholemeal. It's great fir every day use for someone like me who can't resist bread."

Tastes Amazing! Review

by Stephen

"Tastes amazing and lasts for a long time will defo order again!"


by oakes

"Easy way to include protein in your diet, bread is very nice"

great product

by Hassan Ghaith

"So pleased that i found this protein bread. great snack or extra protein filler."

Very good taste, great sorice of protein

by Pascal

"This bread taste almost exactly like whole wheat bread, but has low carbs and a lot of protein.Awesome with peanut butter, but also as sandwich with ham and cheese."


by Chris

"very tasty, second to none."

Great product, shame about the price!

by Eloise

Give this a try! I wasn't sure what it would be like but it tastes amazing! very filling and its great toasted!"

better than normal bread

by Mike

"Give this a try! I wasn't sure what it would be like but it tastes amazing! very filling and its great toasted!"


by Stephen Metson

"great tasting bread packed with a protein punch. great little snack to get some protein in me when i need it. highly recommended"


by jason

"great bread not alot of carbs"

Tastes good

by James

"Protein bread, surely it must taste like cardboard... Once you slap on some meat it tasted just like any other supermarket bread. I freeze the whole loaf and take out 2 a day, that way the loaf lasts ages. Just ordered another 3 loaves."

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