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Dai Greene

European champion hurdler and a former world record holder

"The bread is such an easy way to get extra protein into my body and help me with my recovery for the following days training. It's the perfect snack to have around training and competition alike"

Tom Varndell

Tom Varndell

Rugby player for London Wasps

"I love Dr Zaks products, especially the high protein bread. It allows me to include bread into my weekly nutritional plan, each loaf contains 214 grams of protein which is about 30 grams per slice, an unbelievable amount when talking about bread. A great addition when trying to increase lean muscle mass and aid recovery from the high physical demands of my sport."

Men's Health

Men's Health

"This loaf hits the mark where plenty of other protein supplements fall down."

Lee Gregory

"Not everyone wants to get into 'compeition ready' shape, some people simply want to lose a few founds but not be ripped, so bread will either be a part of your diet or not. If it is going to be a part of your diet, make sure it's Dr Zak's, because it's raised the bar in terms of bread."

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Ben Noy

Ben Noy

Competition winning fitness cover model

"I live the fitness lifestyle to a massive degree & I'm very fussy when it comes to food and also representing companies! implementing Dr Zak's products has helped make it a painless process. As an Athlete I have quite strict requirements and Dr Zak's is all 100% Non GM and contains an exceptional amino acid profile, So that's taste and quality covered! They really understand what quality products are all about and are constantly working on expanding their product line, it's a pleasure to be part of the time"

Nathan Stephens

Nathan Stephens

Javelin thrower

"I love how Dr Zak's products are turning every day food such as pasta and making them into super training food, with no sacrifice on taste or texture."

Outside Beauty Inside Health

"They have developed the pasta to give you all the energy and nutrients you need but without the massive carb overload you normally get."

Bunmi Losing it

"The high protein pasta, tastes just like real pasta, I cooked mine as instructed on the cooking instructions and it came out perfect."

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Cally Rowell

Watford Ladies Football Club

"Having tried the protein bread previously, I was keen to give the bagels a try. I purchased them from MuscleFood when they were released on the site and I couldn't be more satisfied with them. Very filling and tasty with a load of protein and reduced carbohydrate. I tend to use them as fuel before a weights session or post-workout to refuel.

Couldn't recommend them highly enough, along with the bread :)"

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by Maria

"First time using Coconut Oil and LOVE the taste it gives to the food! will buy it again, definitely."

Top notch

by Danny Boy

"Tried for the first time and this stuff seems better than most other and the price is great. Cooked my eggs first thing this morning and the smell and taste is top notch. Very happy ! Going into my shakes too now."

Does the job

by Leanne

"Coconut oil is rather expensive unfortunately but this is one of the more reasonably priced ones I have tried and it is great."


by LisaB

"Please keep stocking this. I love this oil and the price is amazing."

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