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Dota 2 has just gotten a shake-up with the arrival of patch 7.35b. It’s like a makeover for three heavy-duty items – Solar Crest, Shiva’s Guard, and Bloodstone. These items were taking over the game, and now, it’s time for them to step back and make room for a more balanced Dota 2 world. Let’s dive into the details and see how these changes are bringing some order back to our favorite gaming universe.

The Dota 2 Power Trio: Solar Crest, Shiva’s Guard, and Bloodstone

A little while ago, these three items were like the superheroes of Dota 2. Solar Crest brought armor reduction and evasion, Shiva’s Guard had a chilling aura and armor boost, and Bloodstone turned heroes into near-immortal beings. They were the cool kids on the block, making all the headlines in the Dota 2 meta.

Rise to Stardom: Solar Crest, Shiva’s Guard, and Bloodstone

These items became the talk of the town after some big updates. Solar Crest turned into a must-have, making heroes tougher to beat. Shiva’s Guard transformed battles into icy spectacles, slowing down enemies with its freezing aura and boosting armor. Bloodstone? Oh, it made heroes feel invincible, causing nightmares for anyone facing certain powerful characters.

Enter Patch 7.35b: The Nerf Revolution

But, as they say, too much of a good thing can be a problem. That’s where patch 7.35b steps in. Its main mission is to tone down the power of these items and bring back some sanity to the Dota 2 world. No more unstoppable heroes causing chaos in our beloved pubs – it’s time to level the playing field.

Solar Crest: Struck by the Nerf Lightning

Solar Crest, once everyone’s favorite, had to face the nerf lightning. The armor reduction and evasion, which made it a game-changer, got some significant reductions. It’s like the nerf gods decided, “Balance, we choose you!”

Shiva’s Guard: Taking a Chill Pill

Shiva’s Guard, the frosty defender, also had to cool down a bit. The freezing aura that turned battles into winter wonderlands got toned down. The armor boost, another fan-favorite feature, faced a reduction too. It’s a cold world out there, and even Shiva’s Guard couldn’t escape the frosty winds of balance.

Bloodstone: Not Unstoppable Anymore

And then there’s Bloodstone, the key to hero immortality. Its charges, the secret behind heroes feeling unstoppable, faced a significant nerf. No more facing invincible Outworld Destroyers or Leshracs – the era of Bloodstone dominance had to take a step back.

Bringing Order Back to Dota 2

Patch 7.35b is like a beacon of hope for Dota 2 players who were tired of facing seemingly invincible foes. With Solar Crest, Shiva’s Guard, and Bloodstone taking a step back, the goal is to bring order back to the Dota 2 universe. No more unkillable heroes running wild – it’s time for a fair fight, where skill and strategy take the spotlight.

The Future of Dota 2: Balanced and Exciting!

As we say goodbye to the days of Solar Crest, Shiva’s Guard, and Bloodstone ruling the game, Dota 2 steps into a new chapter. The game is evolving, and with these nerfs, it promises a more balanced and thrilling experience. So, gear up, Dota warriors! Get ready for a meta where every hero has a fighting chance. The battle for supremacy just got a whole lot more interesting!