No New COVID Strains Found, Says Malaysia's Health Minister
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Malaysia’s Health Minister, Dr. Zaliha Mustafa, wants everyone to know that there are no new covid strains of the virus causing problems in the country. Things are fine with Covid-19 right now. She stated, “Don’t worry, we’re handling things well, even though there are more people getting sick.”

No New COVID Strains Found: Malaysia has a handle on the COVID situation.

No New COVID Strains Found, Says Malaysia's Health Minister

The hospitals and clinics are doing fine, even though more people are getting sick. Dr. Zaliha said that near the end of each year, more people tend to get the virus. The good news is that most people don’t need to go to the hospital because they only get sick a little.

Do not worry, Omicron is here, but…

Dr. Zaliha said that the only type they’ve found in Malaysia is known as Omicron. People don’t get too sick from it, but it spreads fast. She did say, “We are ready for anything, though.” Don’t worry about it.

No New COVID Strains Found: Look after yourself.

The Health Minister told everyone what they should do. She told me to “take care of myself.” It can really help to do easy things like wash your hands and put on a mask, especially if you’re sick. Also, don’t wait to see a doctor if you feel worse.

Paxlovid: The Hero of the Antiviral

Dr. Zaliha talked about a medicine called Paxlovid that sounded interesting. For people with Covid-19 who are at high risk, it’s like a miracle. It can be found at your nearby health center. In other words, Paxlovid can help you if you test positive and are scared.

Vaccines: The best defense you have against COVID

The Health Minister also told everyone to get vaccinated. They help you stay healthy and avoid getting really sick. You can get your first dose at a health center. Remember to protect yourself like a boss!

No New COVID Strains Found: Do not trust everything you hear.

“Don’t spread rumors!” was the last thing Dr. Zaliha wanted to say. True stories should not scare people, she does not want that to happen. Don’t accept everything you hear; stick to the facts.

We’re taking care of more cases, but

Dr. Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan, who is also very important, talked about counts on Sunday. He said more people are getting sick, but we’re still taking care of it well. There were 3,626 cases in the 47th week of the year, which is 57.3% more than the previous week. Yes, there are more cases, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of them!

Malaysia wants to make sure that everyone stays safe and healthy. Let’s beat Covid together! Wash your hands, put on masks, and get that shot!